Loveland's Historic Steakhouse

Loveland's Historic Steakhouse Restaurant


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Discover The Black Steer Restaurant in Loveland, CO - A Culinary Icon Since 1966

For nearly 60 years, The Black Steer has been a standout among Loveland restaurants, renowned for serving the best steak in Loveland. Our secret to the best steaks lies in our top-quality beef and meticulous preparation. We age and cut our meat in-house, ensuring no additives or tenderizers are used. Each steak is grilled to perfection, offering an unrivaled dining experience.

But our menu goes beyond exceptional steaks. As a premier steak restaurant, We also offer the best seafood in Loveland, featuring succulent lobster, shrimp, and fresh fish. Indulge in our half-pound ground sirloin burgers paired with fresh-cut French fries, or savor comfort food classics like chicken fried steak and our signature peanut butter cream pie. Visit The Black Steer for an unforgettable meal that truly embodies the essence of Loveland dining.

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Loveland Colorado Original Steakhouse Restaurant - The Black Steer

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The Black Steer

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