Offering Hand-cut Steaks Tossed on a Red Hot Grill and Cooked to
Perfection for 55 Years

Steak on wooden table
Steak on wooden board with knife and fork

The Black Steer has been turning out the best steaks in the state for 55 years at our Loveland Restaurant. We are a steak restaurant offering steak and seafood of various kinds.

We are Loveland’s Most Long-Standing Restaurant

Do you want to know the recipe for our success? It is all in the quality of natural beef and how it is prepared. We only use Natural USDA choice beef (no tenderizers or additives), which we age in-house in our special meat lockers until it is primed for the grill.

After aging, the cut is selected, trimmed, hand-cut tossed on our 55-year- old red hot grill, and fired to your taste. Served with vegetables or our fluffy baked potato, we still include the salad with dinner. We were your parent's and grandparents' No. 1 choice for steak & seafood, and now we proudly serve the third generation. Explore our steakhouses in Loveland, Colorado.

  • Natural USDA Choice Beef
  • Hand-cut
  • Fired to Perfection
Steak grilling on griller

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From our award-winning steaks to jumbo shrimp, lobster tail, burgers, and more, there's something for every craving.

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